Beats for saleRezonant Entertainment (RezonEnt) is an artist development agency founded by Ari Szoychen and Matt Young while they were in college together. Since its founding, RezonEnt has strived to serve its clients in the most customized ways possible. Originally, this had meant producing and advertising our beats for sale. Since then, clients have asked us to perform various other services, so we go out of our way to make thoughts into reality from sound engineering to filming music videos.

Some of our coolest stories come from the people we meet. Because we go out of the way to build our network with people who take the grind as seriously as we do, our clients have access to high quality results. Our number one priority is to give you, the artist, the most knowledge and resources to earn your reputation the same way that we have done and continue to improve on as learn new skills and make new connections every single day.

Our goal is to help you define and create your visions, so we find out what we need to do and the people we need to involve whether it be photography to improve how people perceive you or web development and graphic design to boost the quality of your online presence. People will start to take you much more seriously when you know how to present yourself professionally.

Now much more than just beats for sale, Rezonant Entertainment can help you get started as an artist because we have seen artists create names for themselves from the ground up by winning competitions and creating great content. We know what it takes to start, and we will figure out what you need to succeed.

Based in Memphis, TN, RezonEnt currently resides in Knoxville, TN. If you have an artistic idea or project you would like to work on with us, please send us a message through our contact form.