About RezonEnt

Who is RezonEnt?

The Music Producer

Rezonant Entertainment / RezonEnt is a music producer based in Memphis, Tennessee. Although RezonEnt specializes in hip-hop / RnB production, his musical tastes have a much more broad range. When asked to elaborate, RezonEnt stated: “When I was in elementary school, my father drove me to where I needed to go, and I had no choice but to listen to the albums he played. Because of that, my first favorite music group was The Who, with Led Zeppelin coming at a close second. When I came home, my mother always had the Gipsy Kings playing on the home stereo, so you can tell that I haven’t been restricted to one genre all of my life.”


RezonEnt said, “Some people don’t believe me when I say this, but I was listening to music before I was even born. My mother consistently played Beethoven when I was in the womb!”


RezonEnt’s diverse musical background inspired him to learn how to play the guitar and piano at age 12. At this point in his life, he did not care for rap music. “I just listened to what those who surrounded me listened to (rock, classical music, pop), and honestly I hated anything that even sounded like hip-hop.”


When RezonEnt moved to Memphis, his musical tastes broadened dramatically. “I was surrounded by all new people, all who listened to rap.” About 5 years into living in Memphis, He decided to use his musical talents to foster a change in the rap music he heard on a regular basis. Heavily influenced by mainstream and underground rap production alike, he combines both major elements to produce a unique sound. RezonEnt understands the producter and the rapper complement each other, so he stresses the importance of communication between both parties. RezonEnt intends on changing the culture of modern music by emphasizing the importance of harmony between the producer and the rapper.